Friday, 12 December 2008

Happy Soup!

As I've said on this much neglected blog before now, when it gets cold, I start making soup. My friend Dean told me that sweet potato, eaten pretty much however you like, has tryptophan in it, an amino acid which encourages the production of serotonin in the brain. If, like me, you suffer from depression, that's a good thing to do; I take medication to help with serotonin uptake, but some natural help is not to be sneezed at. So now, soup with sweet potato in it is lovingly known as happy soup in our household. Hot, thick, rich and sweet tasting, it's delightful. I make mine with onions, carrots and turnip, with a few spices added just for interest (thai curry spices, if you're interested), but any veg that happen to be around can be added in. Find out more about this; just google sweet potato and depression. Not the most likely of combinations, but it works!

But if we're talking real comfort food, then there's nothing to beat Heinz Tomato Soup and some bread and butter...yum. I make my own tomato soups, but always have a tin of Heinz in the cupboard for emergencies. And it's good without bread, too (we ran out today, so I'm having some HTS without...). And there's some fruit loaf to follow. Not that I'm obsessed with food... but it is that kind of a day!


Myfanwy said...

My DH isn't obsessed with food either, but it's ALWAYS that kind of day..... ;0)

I like soup too, but prefer Batchelors to HTS! One day I'll tell you why.

sandra wyman said...

Will try the Sweet Potato (have been getting CFS-linked glooms recently) but my personal favourite is Leek and Potato or my mother's cawl (Welsh broth) recipe - it has mutton in it so may not be suitable if you're a veggie - if you're a meat-eater I'll send you the recipe if you like. Know what you mean about Heinz tomato though!