Thursday, 7 February 2008


thy name is glasses... I've just spent a very frustrating fifty minutes putting my glasses back together. They fell off the table I was working at, along with the small toolbox that came with the Bernina...the box is fine, but the lens fell out of the glasses, and they're now very twisted, too. Sigh.

I have one eye that is shortsighted, and one that is longsighted. This means that I have very odd looking glasses, with one pebble lens, and one skinnymalinky lens; it is, of course, the former that falls out periodically. This means that I have two pairs of glasses, one for seeing in general and the other for close work. Yes, of course, it was the general sight pair that fell apart, seeing as how I was machine quilting at the time... I had visions (not very clear ones, admittedly) of having to get someone else to drive me to the optician tomorrow to Get Them Fixed. I suspect an optician's visit would be A Good Thing, but at least I can drive myself now. I may look somewhat odd as I do it, you understand, but that's a minor issue compared to being unable to see where one is going.
Mind you, the doll in the picture, Ukraina, has no eyes at all...things could be worse!

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