Saturday, 26 January 2008


sorry to shout, and all, but it's important! I was fitted for a hearing aid yesterday, and I'm now marvelling at the amount of sound that I just wasn't hearing. The television volume has been lowered by several notches... I don't ask for things to be repeated as often... I can hear what people are saying on the phone... it's amazing! It's also invisible, it hides under my hair magnificently, and unless you show it to someone, they wouldn't know it was there. Hearing impaired? Moi? Not any more!

Of course, there is a small drawback. I do hear sounds that I don't 'need' to hear. For instance, the click of the keyboard is remarkably LOUD, and I have to go out of the kitchen when the kettle is boiling, because the hiss is loud, too... but that's a small price to pay, and I'm assured that when my brain gets used to having all this audio information thrown at it, it will begin to sift out the important things again. Isn't that wonderful?


Purple Missus said...

Lucky you Marion. I lost the hearing in one ear about 6 years ago because of an infection, but its the inner ear, the nerve endings have all died and nothing can be done :(
So everyone has to be standing on the right side for me to hear them.
It does have its compensations though when someone says something that I really don't want to hear - like, what do you need more fabric for? *LOL*

Karen Hall said...

Ah ha - I have found your other blog!
And with your photos on! Wish I known about these for the PIF!
Hope you get used to the hearing aid soon - the Brain does compensate - it is amazing how it will tune out all those sounds - keyboard etc
Warm regards

Nikki said...

How wonderful. And good for you for wearing it, unlike many of the people I know who would benefit from one.